Remodeling: Selecting the Perfect Finishing Touches

Updating Your Kitchen without Breaking the Bank

Which room is the heart of your home? For many people, it's the kitchen. Despite the fact that so much labour takes place in the kitchen (since plates don't magically wash themselves), there's something so utterly comforting about a nice kitchen. Of course, what constitutes a nice kitchen is entirely dependent on your personal tastes, but regardless, it's a room in your home that can bring much pleasure. No matter whether you're cooking a delicious meal from scratch, or simply waiting for food to be delivered, a beautiful kitchen truly is the heart of the home. If you're considering upgrading your kitchen, there are many ways to go about it that won't make your kitchen look like so many others out there. Kitchen renovations can be expensive, and yet there are many small things you can do to give your beloved kitchen a facelift, without breaking the bank.

Floating Islands

The bane of a lot of kitchens is the lack of counter space. Australian homes are, on average, amongst the largest in the world. Australian homes are in fact only second to the United States when it comes to available floor space. Despite this, with many Australian homes, the architect saw fit to only add counters that hug the walls. If you have the space, a floating island can significantly expand your usable space. You'll not only have more working space, but since a floating island generally comes with cabinets, you'll also have additional storage space. You can even get some high stools to use the area for kitchen dining.

Can you do it yourself? While you can buy pre-made floating islands from a furniture store in a colour and style that complements your existing kitchen, you will probably need a professional to install it for you. If your budget allows for it, you could even have something custom made to exactly match your kitchen.

Chalk It Up

A splash of paint is an obvious way to add new life to a room, and yet there's a type of paint job that works particularly well in the kitchen. Your local hardware store will stock chalkboard paint, which when applied, creates a chalkboard surface on any wall - a dark surface that can be wiped clean. This is excellent for a kitchen, since you can pick up a piece of chalk and write yourself a reminder to buy more milk. It's also great for distracting kids when you need to be left alone to prepare a meal, while still being able to keep an eye on them.

Can you do it yourself? Sure. It's exactly the same as applying a coat of paint.

The Walls Are Not Closing In

A lack of storage space is a problem that blights so many kitchens. Why not use the walls for some easy, open plan storage? A thin magnetic strip attached to the wall can hold your knives and large metal utensils, and it actually looks rather stylish. Heavy duty hooks drilled into the walls can also allow you to hang pots and pans, freeing up some much-needed cabinet space. You can even buy hooks specifically designed for hanging coats, allowing you to hang your pots in a neat row.

Can you do it yourself? It depends on whether you feel you have the skills to neatly drill into your walls. The hooks need to be able to carry a reasonable weight, so if you're a total novice, so it might be wise to consult the services of a professional, like those at Bowtie Joinery.

While some aspects of a kitchen update can benefit from a professional touch, there are quite a few inexpensive things you can yourself - and you'll be surprised at how much of a difference they will make. Your kitchen truly can be the heart of your home, and yet all hearts need a little extra love sometimes.