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What You Should Know About Undermount Sinks

If you are currently remodeling your kitchen, you might be looking at different types of sinks. You will find a wide range of brands, styles, and price ranges to choose from. One of the popular styles is an undermount sink. While they look similar to drop-in sinks, undermount sinks are actually quite different. Here are some things to know about this type of sink, including why it is beneficial and what benchtops it works best with.

They Are Ideal for Solid Surface Benchtops

With the popularity of solid surface stone benchtops in the kitchen comes the increased need for undermount sinks. These sinks work best with kitchens that have marble, granite, or soapstone benchtops. The counters are built custom in order to accommodate these types of sinks. If your kitchen has tile or laminate benchtops, you are likely better off with a drop-in sink. This is due to the weak points near the grout lines that can't support the weight of an undermount sink.

Cleaning Undermount Sinks is Easier

One of the benefits to choosing an undermount sink is that it is easier to clean than drop-in sinks. With a drop-in sink, you have a lip between the sink's edge and the benchtops, which means you need to wipe up crumbs and debris in a sponge, then transfer it to the sink. However, with undermount sinks, there isn't a lip. The food can be wiped directly into the sink from the benchtop. You also don't have any build-up between the sink and the benchtop since no lip is there to trap debris.

You Will Pay More For the Sink

Not only is the sink itself going to cost more, but the cost of having the benchtops custom-made to fit the sink will also increase the overall investment. You need to look around until you have found a sink manufacturer, along with a contractor who can install the sink once it has been made for your benchtop size. Proper installation is extremely important, so choose the best contractor you can find who has experience with these types of sinks specifically.

The Appearance is Appealing

Aside from it being easy to clean and working for your solid surface benchtops, you also benefit by having a more attractive sink. With no lip at the edge, the undermount sink seems to blend in perfectly with the benchtop, offering seamless lines. It is great for modern-style kitchens that are looking for this seamless look throughout. The fact that they are flush with the counter makes it obvious the sink has been custom-made, adding to the high-end appeal of the kitchen.