Remodeling: Selecting the Perfect Finishing Touches

Simple Tips to Reviving an Outdated Kitchen

If your kitchen has stopped being a source of inspiration, it may be time to give it a makeover. However, homeowners tend to assume that sprucing up their kitchen will result in exorbitant costs. The truth is you do not have to upheave the entire space in an attempt to give it a brand new appearance. Instead, there are several aspects that you could focus on that will not only make a significant impact but will also be economical. The following are some simple tips you could use to revive your outdated kitchen.

Let in the light

One of the first things to note about any space, not just kitchens, is that the darker it is, the gloomier it will appear to be. If you would like to inject some life into your kitchen, start off by letting in as much light as you can. The first way of doing this would be opting for neutral colour palettes. Although bold colours will add a splash of colour to your kitchen, they do not adequately reflect the natural light available in the kitchen.

To make the most of the natural lighting, paint your kitchen in pastels that will reflect the light. The second way you could let in more light into your kitchen is by swapping out dark paneling on cabinetry and drawers. You could do this by either repainting these areas or opt to have them replaced with light-colored laminate finishing.

Go for shine

Another way to revive your drab kitchen is to make it glisten and shine. Shiny surfaces not only create visual interest in your kitchen, but they also refract the light available, which always works to make the space brighter than it is. So which are some of the ways that you can make your kitchen shine? One example would be to opt for glass splashbacks. There are a number of ways glass splashbacks would benefit your kitchen when compared with other materials.

Firstly, their surface is reflective. Secondly, they are much easier to maintain as they eliminate grout seams. Thirdly, you can incorporate task lighting behind the glass splashbacks to increase illumination in your kitchen. Lastly, they come in a myriad of colours so you also get the chance to complement your pastel palette.

If glass splashbacks are not appealing to you, then you can add sparkle using other methods such as using an epoxy coating on your bench tops and flooring to make them shimmer and shine.