4 Kitchen Design Mistakes You Shouldn't Make during Renovations

The kitchen is probably the busiest room in the house, and so it's important to ensure that the space is functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. As a result, a lot of thought must go into the design and layout of the kitchen space; a small goof can affect the usability of the entire space. Below are four mistakes you should be careful about in your kitchen design and remodelling project.

Artificial Grass - A Brief Guide

Artificial grass is gaining in popularity every year, particularly in very arid areas where keeping your lawn looking green and fresh can be difficult and water is expensive.  But should you swap your natural lawn for fake? Here's a brief guide to artificial grass to help you decide. Spot the difference A natural lawn is never totally flawless; it has colour variants, different textures and occasional patches of thatch and moss.

Updating Your Kitchen without Breaking the Bank

Which room is the heart of your home? For many people, it's the kitchen. Despite the fact that so much labour takes place in the kitchen (since plates don't magically wash themselves), there's something so utterly comforting about a nice kitchen. Of course, what constitutes a nice kitchen is entirely dependent on your personal tastes, but regardless, it's a room in your home that can bring much pleasure. No matter whether you're cooking a delicious meal from scratch, or simply waiting for food to be delivered, a beautiful kitchen truly is the heart of the home.